Published September 6, 2012 by ScopeWear

I will be going on vacation Friday, Sept 7th through Friday, Sept 14th! My site is down for now, not much traffic there. But my wares can be purchased on Etsy anytime. 

It’s been a really busy summer with my son home. He lived with us for a while, then got an apartment. That didn’t go too well after he lost his job (not much sympathy for PTSD sufferers) and had to move again. He is staying with us some and my parents some. He is now pursuing an insurance sales career! 

Also got married this past April! Finally got it right this time. Married my brothers best friend, we met freshman year of high school. We got married on my parents 52nd wedding anniversary on the front porch of the high school where we met. It was very casual, very fun! My Granddaughter was my Maid of Honor! 


Please visit my Etsy store at and share with your friends! My ScopeWear stethoscope pocket scrub pants are available directly from me. Just leave me a post and I will get back to you.

Have a great day! 

Thanks for following my blog.



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