Tryin this out!

Published February 15, 2012 by ScopeWear

I am trying this new blog out today. I have a blog on my website, but it has a huge advertisement at the top that won’t go away. So I thought I’d try this one. Its free too! So I’m gonna copy and paste from there to here today.

From Go Daddy blog:

I have been hard at work on my website tonight. Getting files uploaded to my new net book. I lost files due to a Trojan horse, but thankfully, Facebook saved the day! All my pictures that I lost are safe and sound. I just have to save them again. Downloaded DropBox to all my computers and iphone so I won’t lose my files again!

I have been staying up late spending time with son who just returned from Fort Carson, Colorado. I am the Mother of a U.S. Veteran! It still freaks me out to say that and I am so proud! Even if you don’t support the reason why we go to war, you have to support those who voluntarily give up years of their lives to support your freedom. Some give their lives….and their families sacrifice a lot also. I hardly saw my son for 3.5 years. I missed him severely, and prayed every night that he come home safe and sound. He was a lucky one. He wouldn’t trade what he did for anything, but he sure wishes people would treat each other with more respect.
Here’s the link to some of his pictures from Afghanistan.
Back to work on my site! Added some new Scrub hats, Long hair scrub hats, stethoscope covers and will add Scrub Tops soon!
As always,
Thanks for following my Blog!!!

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